Vila Nune is a small village belonging to the municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto. The baroque church of Cabeceiras is worth visiting. Every Monday there is a market.

In the village of Arco de Baúlhe you'll find a bank, a mail office and a supermarket. You should also visit the beautifully restored station, once one of the stops/halting-places of the Tâmega railway. Nowadays it serves as a region- and railway museum.

Nearby you can visit the Serra da Cabreira, meaning 'the mountains of the goats' sheperdess'. It's a wild and hardly discovered scenic nature area, with a lot of hidden hiking trails. The Parque Natural do Alvão and National Parque Peneda-Gerês are at a short distance. Some mountain villages are still only reachable on foot. You can imagine walking in the past! It's possible to wander about for hours in these regions without meeting someone. At the most you will see a shepherd with his sheep, goats or long horny oxen.

Walking is not the only way of discovering this region. You can also explore North Portugal by car, and thus visit one of the old and historic towns, which are also appropriate for an interesting day outing/excursion. You could for instance make a trip to the town of Braga, known as 'the Portuguese Rome', and to Guimarães, 'home town' of Portugal, with a delightful medieval centre, to be found on the World Heritage list of the United Nations. And what about Vila Real, with its famous 'Solar de Mateus', the country house on the Mateus rosé wine label? Or the charming Tâmega-town of Amarante? And of course you should visit the City of Oporto to enjoy a fine glass of one of the remarkable Port wines. And don't forget to make a boat trip on the river Douro.

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"Drie dagen gedacht, veel langer gebleven. Dat zegt genoeg hoe fijn het hier is."

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